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  • Reduced Slip Flooring Sheets

    GRP Reduced Slip Flooring Sheets

    Different Colours, Grit and Sizes to suit

    A Cutting Service can be provided

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  • Architectural / Construction

    Fascias, Cladding, Interior / Exterior Sections

    Window Sill, GRP Roofs

    Moulded in the colour required

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  • Automotive / Engineering

    Work Cages for Access Platforms

    Car Body Shells / Body Kits

    Light Aircraft Parts

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  • Hygiene

    Range of Products for Caravans & Motorhomes

    Shower Pod System for Custom Build

    GRP Doors & Frames

    Motorhome Read More
  • Marine / Pond

    Boats, Hull & Components

    Tanks for Liquids, Fish & Animals

    Ponds & Pond Line Outs

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  • Leisure

    Theme Park Ride and Display Mouldings

    Paint Ball Vehicles

    Sport Equipment ie: Motor Racing

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Magglo Composite Mouldings

Magglo Composite Mouldings became a division of Aldercote Limited (A former customer) in 2009. We specialises in the manufacture of glass reinforced plastic products using traditional hand lay-up and vacuum assisted moulding techniques.

The company has a wealth of experience in this field and can assist you from the earliest stages of development through prototyping to the production of the finished articles.

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Why People Use GRP?

Fibreglass is renowned for its lightweight high strength ratio, GRP / Fibreglass is used in many applications where both strength and weight issues are imperative.

GRP /Fibreglass is the ideal material for low and High volume production of panels with curves or complex styling. Tooling costs for production low or high volume are considerably lower than alternative material tooling.